Week of February 13th

Thank you so much for the help with their research, they have been coming in each day SUPER excited to share their facts and info with their peers.

We have been learning about measurement and they have been using different objects to help measure. We have used blocks, paper clips, inch tiles etc.
To help at home you could ask them to find things to measure at home, and compare sizes by asking “how much long is x than z?”

100 Day
We have now been in school for over 100 days!! The kids had to make a chain with 100 links along with a few other games and writing activities about the number 100!

We have been practicing a lot of our buddy reading skills and really slowing down while reading to help with our comprehension. We are studying the words and the pictures and trying to study the non-fiction pictures and pages for at least a 30-60 seconds before turning the page.

Next week we will send home a food diary for them to keep track of what foods they are eating each day.



Week of January 30th

Next Friday is student led conference day. We have a small folder and also a digital portfolio for them to show you. On Monday you will sing up with 4-5 others for 50 minutes and it is meant to be almost all student led. We will practice next week and we will have a checklist of things for them to show you!

www.tinyurl.com/tymtr1p – It is really great for kids to practice their words!
We had 3 students pass a level this week and take home certificates!

A reminder that kids should no be working on making sentences with their word work words as well.

Thanks so much for the Spanish moms who came in Thursday! I learned a lot as well!


This week we have worked on “reading out like like an expert.” We have been learning how to…
1. Show the feeling in each part – We are using what we know about emotions and connecting this to our reading.
2. Mark interesting parts – If you have post it notes at home, it would be great if they could put little marks and even notes relating to parts they enjoy in the book, this way when they go back to the book they know exactly what parts they want to share.

They have gotten in a rhythm and have been doing great on their non-fiction books, we will be asking them to go home and research about their topic by doing interviews or if you want to help them also find out information online as well.

We worked on creating our own surveys in class. We asked all of our peers to collect the data, and then created charts and graphs to represent our collected data.

We finished up our section on the food groups and will be looking into how food has changed over time in the next few weeks.