End of Semester 1

It was a busy and fun week before break!
We had some last minute things to do to finish up and then some time to celebrate!

We have been doing an awesome job working on different ways to make different numbers. We also talked about breaking down 4 + 7 = 11 into 4 is 2+2 and 7 is 3+4 to make 2+2+3+4=11.

We have been studying how to be super smart about non-fiction books. We added the following tasks to our “reading habits”…
– Stopping and studying each page (words and pictures)
– Chatting about the page or the book (we want them to increase their comprehension as well as expanding and explaining things they learn)
– Make your voice smooth and lively (showed them examples of nature shows and kid president about how they change their voices while speaking)

We have been working super hard on writing non-fiction books we spent some time writing about how to be good students and how we would teach a new student who came to our class.
We also picked an animal we know a lot about so we could teach others.

Word work
If possible it would be great to read over some of their old words over break and discuss the spelling pattern and what sound the vowels make.



Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
& Happy New Year!!!!

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December 5-9

Can’t believe its one week till Christmas break!

The kids did wonderful today, and were so excited to show you how hard they have been working the past few weeks.

We will be having a busy and fun week next week:

Spirit week (attached below)
Thursday 8:05-9:00 Parent party (please check the sign up and add what snacks you could bring to share)
Friday – Kids only christmas party



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First week of December

Can’t believe we have Christmas break in 2 week!!! The kids have been doing awesome and been super curious over a few new topics.

We have been working on finding different combinations to make larger numbers 4 is 1+3 and 2+3 etc. We just started subtraction today and kids were eager to try new things (although had a few reminders to take numbers away on the dice not add more!)

Readers and Writers
We started our unit on non-fiction and will be working on writing mini chapter teaching books. It would be great if you could talk to you children about things they are “experts at” and help them brainstorm ideas for books!

We have been doing a lot of practice for the play! If you could remind them that you want to see their smiling faces instead of them turning around watching friends that would be great! They are still so eager to see how their friends are doing, but talked about how mom and dad want to see your face!


Please check the email with kidzana pictures. We had a few more parents add their pictures as well.

We will also have our Christmas party from 8:05 till about 9am on Friday, December 16th. Parents are welcome!


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