Last week of October

Dear families,
+If you did not return the signed math test please do so by Monday
+doughnuts are on sale Monday. Please bring 150 yen in a plastic bag for your child if they would like one

Just a reminder to check your child’s assignment notebook and make sure they write their book title and if they like the story.

I also had them write “word work practice” in their notebook as a reminder to practice.

We are finishing up our first unit on jobs and started giving our speeches today. We will be posting the videos online hopefully next week!

This week we focused on using strategies for solving hard word such as double checking it, breaking the words into parts, and trying it two ways (long vs short vowel sounds)

We also tied what we learned in reading into writing and how we need to start really making sure we read our work after we write it to see if it makes sense and if we could maybe spell the word a little bit better. (and not just reading it through without making changes!)

We started our new unit on shapes and have been playing with tangrams. They have been loving it so far and can tell it will be a fun unit!


Reminders(some new some from emails)

Sports day
PSG will be having a bake sale and also selling school items
Please make sure to wear warm clothes (maybe uniqlo heattech underneath their team color)

Please make sure everyone is on time and ready. We need to get ready to go as soon as possible that morning as we walk to Futaba sports field for the activities.
They should also be wearing clothes representing their teams. I have told them and they should be able to remember and tell you at home!
Sports Day 2016
November 3rd
Sports day equipment bag: small backpack or easy carry bag for the whole day
·      Drink bottle
·      Jacket/rain coat/wind break (weather-proof)
·      Sun-cream
·      Hat
·      Snacks
Parents are welcome, and there will be designated seats for you to watch.
We will be dismissed at 12:00 from Futaba field

Here are some important notes about Halloween Monday:

On Monday October 31st, the Elementary School Student Council will be having a Halloween Donut Sale. Each Donut is 150yen.

To get into the spirit, students may wear any of the following items as suggestions in addition to their regular school uniform.

Cat’s ears or tail (or the like)

Witch’s or other Halloween hat

Witch’s cape

Witch’s broom



Halloween pins, i.e., Jack-o-Lantern, ghost, witch, etc.

Orange/black ornaments

Orange/black ribbons


Students may not dye their hair, wear a full-face mask or orange socks.

Students should travel to and from school in their uniform only and then add these decorations to them once they arrive.  They should remove them before traveling home.  No make up should be worn on that day.


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Week of October 11th

Quick post for a quick week!

Thank you everyone for coming to the conferences, it was really great getting to know everyone better!

I sent them home with 3 books over break, please make sure they keep track of them and bring 3 back over break.

School week! We were packed full of fun stuff getting ready for fun day and wrapping up our IPC unit on what we want to be when we grow up. They are turning out great and love beginning to research information!

We took our math test on Thursday and I will be sending them home after break along with the pretest. Many of the pretest scores did not actually represent what they know in math, but more so we have to go over how to do a test, so feel free to look at them, but remember it was a pre-test and non of the questions had been taught before hand (it is not graded).

Here are a few photos of the week and fun day!

dsc_0101 dsc_0103 dsc_0197 dsc_0299 dsc_0332 img_4417 img_4428 img_4432 img_4446 thumb_img_1318_1024 thumb_img_1319_1024 thumb_img_1320_1024 thumb_img_1321_1024

Week of October 3rd

Word Work
Please make sure to check the reading or writing section of the blog. I talked to the kids about it on Friday as well to clarify. I will mention it again on Monday during conferences.

This week we worked on researching our dream jobs, looking into what responsibilities we would have, what tools we would use, and ways we affect the community.
We also want to say a huge thank you to all the families who have come in this week, and throughout the past few weeks!

We have worked on story problems and really focusing on ways to document how we know how to solve a problem. When doing math problems at home it is great if you can also ask them to explain how they solved it as well.

Readers Workshop
We have been working on ways to figure out tough words by using words we already know (art – smart) say it (c-a-t) slide it (slide your finger across the words) hear it (listen to each sound)

Writers Workshop
This week we worked on writing a book like Mo Williams (check previous blog post). They loved it, and was a nice boost for their creativity. We have been talking about re-reading our stories after we write them. If you could please have them re-read their stories when they are done and if they need to fix their writing that is great!

Monday we have conferences. If you have any questions and want to let me know before hand, feel free to email me!

Friday, October 14th FUN DAY

Costumes!!! Friday they will be a character dress up day. Please refer to the email from Wednesday. They should have either the book, or a printout on Friday that match their costume. Their costumes do not be fancy or super detailed, anything fun is fine.

We will have a sale of ice cream, if your child has any allergies if you could please let me know. These will be the two brands on sale.
ice-cream icecream


img_1287 img_1288 img_1289 img_1290 img_1291 img_1292 img_1293 img_1294 img_1295 img_1296 img_1297 img_1298 img_1299 img_1300 img_1301 img_1302 img_1303 img_1304 img_1305 img_1308 img_1309 img_1310 img_1311 img_1312 img_1313 img_1314


Homework due Tuesday:

(I will give the books out Wednesday)

Write your own Mo Willems type book!!

We wrote one this week as well, and I have sent them home with a blank book to work on (feel free to add more pages if they would like!)

We also talked about using speech bubbles, and this is one of the main things I want them to work on, they should try to use them on every page, if not every other.

We also talked about different types of drawings – zoomed in, half off the page, expressive facial expressions, using the whole space, and drawing motion lines.

This is mostly a fun homework (and get them excited/creative about writing) so not really many guidelines, but if you could just remind them about speech bubbles and the certain types of pictures they can try that would be awesome. We will share them in class Monday.