Week of September 26th

Readers’ Workshop
This week we did a lot of work talking out good and bad reading habits. We talked about how we are all learning and that by being able to be aware of some of our bad habits we can then start to change those into good reading habits! The biggest one we talked about was just flipping through books in a few moments. We talked about even if it is a too hard book we can still look at deeply at the pictures such as emotions, actions, etc. We can also look for words we do know on the page, and the pictures can help us solve some of the other words. We are keeping track of how many books we read, but the goal is not how many books we read, but the quality in which we read them.

Writers’ Workshop
This week we worked on revising our writin using Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. We looked back on our writing to see how we can add more detail and elaborate on ideas.

Thank you for your cooperation with math homework, they seem really proud to come in and show me how they have done at home! This week we worked on combining numbers again such as with our roll and record game (video below). We also work on word problems, we have talked about first reading everything, then underlining important information, drawing a picture, and then writing HOW we solved it.

We had lots of visitors this week!
We had one mom come in and teach us about human resources and how she helps make sure they are hiring someone who is just right for the job.
We had Mr. Crespy from school come in and talk about how he teaches French and Cross Country.
Mrs. Kitani came in and talked about her role as principal and how much work she does to help make sure kids are having fun while learning.
We had another mom come in and talk about being a physical therapist and how she helps take care of people’s muscles.


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Week of September 19th

Short Week!!

It will just a tiny recap since we only had 2.5 days.

Parent Volunteers this week!

We went to Dr. Suzuki’s class to do a really fun science experiment and learned what some things a chemist may do.

We had Mr. Rucci come in during parent’s morning and teach us about his role at school.

Lastly, We had Mr. Tomescu come in and teach us about how he is helping design cars that will drive for us. He did a great job explaining how we as people have to give computer directions on how to act and what to think.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! (Hopefully not so much rain!!!) thumb_img_1231_1024 thumb_img_1232_1024 thumb_img_1233_1024 thumb_img_1234_1024 thumb_img_1235_1024 thumb_img_1236_1024 thumb_img_1237_1024 thumb_img_1238_1024 thumb_img_1239_1024 thumb_img_1240_1024 thumb_img_1241_1024 thumb_img_1242_1024 thumb_img_1243_1024  thumb_img_1245_1024 thumb_img_1246_1024 thumb_img_1247_1024 thumb_img_1248_1024 thumb_img_1249_1024 thumb_img_1250_1024 thumb_img_1251_1024 thumb_img_1253_1024 thumb_img_1254_1024

Week of September 12th


If you did not send your child to school with a smock (shirt they can get dirty) please send one on Wednesday as we will be doing  messy experiment.

We ask that if your child has a club after school to pick them up then. If they need a snack please put it in their backpack and they can bring it to club. We want to help make pick-up run as smoothly and quickly as possible as we want to get to clubs on time.

PE Blog – http://blogs.stmaur.ac.jp/es-pe/

This week we worked on subatizing by looking at dots in different patterns and finding out how many numbers there are.
We also worked on explaining our learning as this is a very large part of our math curriculum. It is great if you know the answer, although we are really looking to see if the kids can explain their reasoning as well.

Readers’ WS
This week we worked on using our reading habits, and helping to remind our friends. We created a calendar where we can keep track of how many books we read. I have added a new section to the homework log so they can add their home reading books also. We also talked about setting goals to reader harder and new books.

Writers’ WS
We  talked about adding details and using Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How to add details to our writing.
Starting next week or the week after we will be working on our no excuse words and will have some homework about that coming up soon.

We finished up our Eric Carle caterpillars and they all turned out great!

Thank you to everyone who has wanted to come in. We are working on finding times that work for each parent and with our schedule.
The kids got to see Mr. Levy the religion teacher come in and talk about how he used to fix trains back in New Zealand.

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Week of September 5th

It looks as if everyone is finally out of their shells and getting comfortable in the room!

This week we did some fun activities while looking and comparing numbers 1-20 to help us lay down concepts that will help us when learning how to do addition. We made staircases with blocks as well as drawing and labeling objects from our mystery boxes.

For writing we are working on touching and telling the story while stretching it throughout pages. We want to put little bit on each page, rather than all the details on the first page. To do this we labeled pages 1-3 or 4 and on each page touched and talked about what would happen on each page. We then drew a quick picture to help us remember.

Reading, We talked a lot about how to work together when reading stories with a buddy. We also talked about how when we finish the book we must do something, either reread the whole book or a favorite part, think about what we may do if we were in the story, or retell it to a friend.

We started our unit on jobs and looking at ways they interact within the community. We will be inviting parents in to the classroom to help teach us about your jobs.

We read some books by Eric Carle and are learning to make pictures using collages.


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Week 2

(Math newsletter is posted in the math section)

It feels like it has already been a full month of school. The kids are getting along super well, forming great friendships, and really communicating with each other well.

We have been having morning assemblies/meetings each day to help get to know some of the other kids in elementary school. We have one class from each grade meeting and talking about our day/ making new friends / singing songs and dancing. It has been really great to help build a sense of community and for the younger ones to meet the other kids.

This week we got to experiment with a lot of the math manipulatives that we will be using througout the year. It was a great chance to see where they are at and getting in the mindset that learning and math are fun subjects were we get to manipulate materials. They were automatically counting, organizing, creating, classifying, etc with the blocks, counters, and shapes. We also played a fun math game where we get to use counters to keep track of numbers 1-20.

Readers’ workshop
This week we talked about taking a sneak peak of a book. Where we look at the cover and predict what the book will be about. We then would read through the book and look through the pictures to find out if our sneak peak was correct.

Writers’ Workshop
Our goal for the first few weeks is to LOVE writing. Take off the pressure and really get creative and expressive with our ideas. While also using our artistic skills to enhance our stories or topics.

We are just about done with our treasure box exploration and it was so great getting to learn about all of our friends. It really helped us to kick off the year in a friendly and expressive way.

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