First week

We did it!!!!!

This was such an amazing first week. I am so happy to see everyone getting along so well and helping each other.


We played a few math games, one of which was roll and build. They had two dice and had to add up the number. Then on a sheet there was 12 boxes each with a different number. They would then add a tower to the block. It was great to see their enthusiasm and see them working together.

Readers Workshop

We talked about what good readers do this week. Our first goal was talking about predictions and what we think might be about when looking at the cover.


The kids loved watching their friends share their treasure box items. It really helped the to find common interests and were seen talking about those items later in the day.


Student Council

We are hoping to find one student to join student council. They meet each Friday during lunch recess to talk about issues at school. If you could talk to your child and see if they are interested. If they are please send me an email and will talk to them in school.



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A few reminders.

LABEL EVERYTHING!!! Please make sure that all of your chid’s belongings are labeled with their name in an easy to see spot, especially their school and gym clothes. We have a lot of kids changing at the same time and things get mixed up easily when they all look the same. Please double check that every item has their name on it.

Gym days – We just got an email from the gym teachers asking you to make sure to bring plenty of water (they also can fill up at school) and also a hat if they would like.

Please make sure they bring their homework bag everyday.

Homework calendar- They have reading everyday, I will try to have them write their book title, but some days may run out of time. Their job is color in or circle how they liked the book at the bottom.
If homework is written on a Tuesday, that means it is due Wednesday.