Thank yous and Good byes!


As the school year has come to a close I want to take a moment to thank you all!

Thank you for supporting all of my efforts this school year. I have really enjoyed teaching your child and all the hugs, smiles and kind words your child has shared with me.

Thank you for making sure your child made it to school on time, for taking the time to read and sign all the notes and forms that have come home, and for reading with your child and helping them learn.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and restful summer holiday!

Remember, my door is always open! And to those leaving our school, please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. All the best!

I hope you enjoy the following video which captures (almost) a second a day until Friday 7 June.

Last Week of School!

We were sorry to see Olivia leave us this week. We will miss you! Good luck and take care from 1G!

and 1P!

This week we completed some fun reflection activities about what we loved this year and what we look forward to doing during the Summer vacation. We also completed an end of year Math test to see what we know well and what we maybe need to work on more.

In IPC, we finished presenting our insect research projects. Well-done everyone! We also go to watch Bee Movie.

On Thursday we received our yearbooks and spent time signing each others and also friends from other Grades.

On Friday we said good bye to the students who will not be returning to Saint Maur. All the best!

Last Week of May

In Writers’ Workshop the class celebrated their book series! Well-done everyone!


On Tuesday we enjoyed our Grade 1 Year End picnic at Marine Park!



In Math this week, the class finished our final Unit!

The class discussed buildings they have seen in their community and buildings they want their class ‘Geoblock’ town to have. In pairs, we chose a building to design, build, and draw for the class town.

With our partner, we wrote a few sentences about our building and planned where our building will go on the class town. We then constructed our 3D buildings on the large street grid.

We gave directions from one place to another in the classroom and on a map of the class town we made. As a class we developed a code for giving directions and used this code to record trips through the class town. We also completed the end of unit assessment where we were given 2D representations of four different buildings and we had to look at four Geoblock buildings and decide which plan represents which building.

Finally, the class completed our post-assessment for Unit 9. We did it!



In IPC, we continued presenting our insect research projects. We learned a lot of interesting facts about many different insects!



The class helped label our book library with stickers!


This week we also made a book of all the important information about Grade 1 (i.e. what we learn, what materials we use in Math, what time school starts, when we go play, when we go home, after school clubs, where we go eat lunch, etc.)

On Friday we visited Grade 2 while the pre-Grade 1 Montessori students came to learn about Grade 1.


Have a restful weekend before our LAST full week of school!

Summer is Almost Here!

In Writers’ Workshop the class got ready to publish their second book series. We completed our front cover, book title page and a ‘Meet the Author’ page. The class had time to revise, edit and make work ready to celebrate. We each completed a fiction writing checklist ticking off things we did in our book series.

Some of us shared our book series with a partner.




In Math, as a class, we looked at some ‘mystery boxes’ and talked about what kind of box we think it could be and why. We discussed characteristics of boxes, like the number of faces. It was fun revealing the mystery boxes!

We practiced drawing pictures of 3-D Geoblocks as accurately as possible. We also constructed a Geoblock building and then tried to represent the geometric characteristics of it on paper. We had fun building with the Geoblocks this week too!




In IPC, we made posters including all of our insect research which we will use to present to the classes.

We started presenting our insect research posters.




In Art, this week we made some beautiful paper plate flowers.



We had a fun field trip to TeamLab Planets on Friday!


In Writers’ Workshop the class continued working on their book series. We were reminded that writers use punctuation to give orders to their readers. For example, adding an exclamation mark to a part they want to sound exciting or using ellipses to create suspense. We learned that authors try to add details to their own illustrations to give additional information too. We worked on making punctuation choices by rereading parts of our books and went back to add detail to our pictures.

The class looked at what our favorite series authors do and thought about what we could add and edit in our own fiction books.




In Readers’ Workshop we learned that the best way to recommended books we love is by introducing the book title and main characters, retell the big things but be careful not to spoil the end and to pass along the life lesson. Some of us practiced giving a book recommendation with a reading partner.

We chose a part of a book to perform to the class remembering to use our best storytelling voice, bringing the book to life.

On Tuesday the class read with 3RB. Students from 3RB shared their alternative fairytale stories with us. It was fun to see what Grade 3 can do!




In Math, we completed the pre-assessment for our last Unit in Math for the year! The class was introduced to the new unit on geometry and matched 3D Geoblocks to 2D outlines (‘footprints’) of Geoblock faces.

In our books, we had to determine the identity of a mystery object, given its 2D outline and worked to match 2D pictures of Geoblocks to actual blocks. We discussed strategies for matching 2D representations to 3D objects. The class played ‘Blocks in a Sock’ using tactile information to try to identify a 3D shape.




In IPC, we continued working on our insect research project finding information from a range of different resources.




In the MacLAb on Friday the class went on Microsoft Word and had fun playing around with different fonts and colors to type up titles and headings for their insect research posters.

Getting Ready for the Spring Concert

On Tuesday the class enjoyed a special Kazenoko performance!



In Writers’ Workshop this week the class continued working on their second series. We learned that some authors play with patterns to stretch out parts of their stories. We tried this in our own writing and included three details or three examples when describing something.

We tried a new skill of sketching parts of the story first, summarizing the details and then writing the sentences. We learned that fiction writers often divide their story into three parts; the beginning, the middle (or trouble) and the end (or getting the character out of trouble). As a class students checked for items from the Grade 2 Fiction Writing Checklist to see what they are already doing across the books they have written in their second series and what they can plan to do next as writers.

We also made a list of some super writing powers that we have and can have as super series writers.



In Readers’ Workshop we learned that when we compare books, categories begin to form and you can group books together. We compared and categorized our own books, also thinking about the book’s life lesson. We shared our books and the new categories.

We learned that readers give recommendations as a way to pass along favorite stories and important life lessons. We recommended books we love and read with a reading partner.




In Math the class revisited games about combinations of ten and were introduced to Rolls Tens; a game that involves collecting connecting cubes and grouping them in rows of 10.

We were also introduced to a game called Ten Plus where we had to combine two single-digit numbers and then record that total in terms of how it relates to 10.

The class completed an end of unit assessment solving two problems about combining equal-sized groups as well as the post assessment for Unit 8. Well-done!




In IPC the class learned the main body parts of an insect and distinguished what insects ‘can’, ‘have’ and ‘are’. We discussed the difference between insects and other bugs and sorted insects in groups: ‘insect or not’.

We also got into groups and began our insect research project.




In Art we made cards for … ?



We look forward to our Spring Concert tomorrow at 6pm!



Hello May

This week we finished our Makers Space marble mazes. They look amazing and are so much fun!


In Readers’ Workshop we learned that readers compare and contrast books thinking what is the same and what is different. With a partner, we found similarities and differences between books considering the plots, characters’ feelings and endings.


In Math the class were introduced to How Many Squares; an activity that involves figuring out the total number of squares in a set that includes a combination of singles, pairs and groups of 5s. We also worked on more word problems about 2s, 4s and 5s.


In IPC we learned about the flowering plants life cycle and were introduced to the importance of bees.





Last Week of April

This week the class continued with their Maker’s Space projects. We had a lot of fun!



In IPC, we dissected a flower, identifying each part in close detail and recorded down some sketches.




In Math the class made predictions about the number of hands for successive numbers of people. We recorded and shared our solution strategies. We solved many problems about counting and combining things that come in groups of 2, 4, 5 and 10.





This week the class continued working hard with Real Script.




In Art, the students worked on creating a mosaic of a flower – filling in a flower template with little cut out squares of paper.



On Tuesday we enjoyed a movie with popcorn for our third class reward!

We also prepared our game. We look forward to Food Fair on Monday.

See you there!

The Sun is Shining

This week the class started Maker’s Space. For the next two weeks 1G will be working with Mr. Levy on an exciting project!



In IPC on Monday we planted our seeds!



On Tuesday the class read outside with 3RB.



In Math the class started Unit 8 by completing a pre-assessment. Please see the blog post ‘Unit 8’ for more information.

We learned a new game called Ten Turns which involves rolling a dice, collecting counters and keeping track of the total. We discussed strategies for efficient counting, particularly counting on.

The class revisited the 100 chart and played Missing Numbers; identifying and recording numbers that are missing.

We also revisited counting strips, talked about common counting errors and created our own writing a number sequence as high as we could.



On Thursday we made an Easter basket craft and Easter cards. The class got to go on a scavenger hunt around the classroom for treats to put inside their baskets!

Enjoy the long weekend!

April Smiles

At the start of this week in Writers’ Workshop the class finished their first series! We edited our work by fixing any spelling and revised our stories by adding more and making any final changes. We shared our favorite book from our series with the class.

We looked at what realistic fiction writers do that makes their stories feel real. We learned that they often call on their own experiences to write stories that seem real. We recalled the steps fiction writers follow and started writing a new series with a new character.




In Readers’ Workshop we practiced rereading to smooth out any bumpy parts and to show the big feelings in each part. We learned that rereading helps us to perform our books.

We learned that stories are like fortune cookies – when you open up a story you may find there’s a little life lesson inside it. With a partner, we talked about the lessons that characters learned and what the character or characters realize when the problem is fixed.

We also learned to not just think about life lessons at the end of a story, but also to think about them when we start reading a new book. We predicted the lessons particular books will teach.




In IPC the classes discussed what plants need to survive and started to create a poster including the essential elements.

With a partner we made a greenhouse baggy where we will observe the growth of some beans over the next weeks.

Finally, we looked at a flowering plant in more detail and learned the key labels of flowers.




In Art we were introduced to an artist called Romero Britto. We sketched a flower garden and used markers to fill the picture in with bright bold colors and patterns inspired by his style. At the end, we traced over the outlines with a black marker to emphasize the shapes and patterns.




In Math the class continued working on number sequences. We had to determine what shape comes in a certain position in a repeating shape pattern. We also looked at what is the same about ‘The Penny Jar’, ‘Staircase Towers’ and ‘Shape Patterns’.

We completed an end-of-unit assessment as well as the post-assessment for Unit 7. Well-done!