Last Week of May

In Writers’ Workshop the class celebrated their book series! Well-done everyone!


On Tuesday we enjoyed our Grade 1 Year End picnic at Marine Park!



In Math this week, the class finished our final Unit!

The class discussed buildings they have seen in their community and buildings they want their class ‘Geoblock’ town to have. In pairs, we chose a building to design, build, and draw for the class town.

With our partner, we wrote a few sentences about our building and planned where our building will go on the class town. We then constructed our 3D buildings on the large street grid.

We gave directions from one place to another in the classroom and on a map of the class town we made. As a class we developed a code for giving directions and used this code to record trips through the class town. We also completed the end of unit assessment where we were given 2D representations of four different buildings and we had to look at four Geoblock buildings and decide which plan represents which building.

Finally, the class completed our post-assessment for Unit 9. We did it!



In IPC, we continued presenting our insect research projects. We learned a lot of interesting facts about many different insects!



The class helped label our book library with stickers!


This week we also made a book of all the important information about Grade 1 (i.e. what we learn, what materials we use in Math, what time school starts, when we go play, when we go home, after school clubs, where we go eat lunch, etc.)

On Friday we visited Grade 2 while the pre-Grade 1 Montessori students came to learn about Grade 1.


Have a restful weekend before our LAST full week of school!

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