Summer is Almost Here!

In Writers’ Workshop the class got ready to publish their second book series. We completed our front cover, book title page and a ‘Meet the Author’ page. The class had time to revise, edit and make work ready to celebrate. We each completed a fiction writing checklist ticking off things we did in our book series.

Some of us shared our book series with a partner.




In Math, as a class, we looked at some ‘mystery boxes’ and talked about what kind of box we think it could be and why. We discussed characteristics of boxes, like the number of faces. It was fun revealing the mystery boxes!

We practiced drawing pictures of 3-D Geoblocks as accurately as possible. We also constructed a Geoblock building and then tried to represent the geometric characteristics of it on paper. We had fun building with the Geoblocks this week too!




In IPC, we made posters including all of our insect research which we will use to present to the classes.

We started presenting our insect research posters.




In Art, this week we made some beautiful paper plate flowers.



We had a fun field trip to TeamLab Planets on Friday!

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