In Writers’ Workshop the class continued working on their book series. We were reminded that writers use punctuation to give orders to their readers. For example, adding an exclamation mark to a part they want to sound exciting or using ellipses to create suspense. We learned that authors try to add details to their own illustrations to give additional information too. We worked on making punctuation choices by rereading parts of our books and went back to add detail to our pictures.

The class looked at what our favorite series authors do and thought about what we could add and edit in our own fiction books.




In Readers’ Workshop we learned that the best way to recommended books we love is by introducing the book title and main characters, retell the big things but be careful not to spoil the end and to pass along the life lesson. Some of us practiced giving a book recommendation with a reading partner.

We chose a part of a book to perform to the class remembering to use our best storytelling voice, bringing the book to life.

On Tuesday the class read with 3RB. Students from 3RB shared their alternative fairytale stories with us. It was fun to see what Grade 3 can do!




In Math, we completed the pre-assessment for our last Unit in Math for the year! The class was introduced to the new unit on geometry and matched 3D Geoblocks to 2D outlines (‘footprints’) of Geoblock faces.

In our books, we had to determine the identity of a mystery object, given its 2D outline and worked to match 2D pictures of Geoblocks to actual blocks. We discussed strategies for matching 2D representations to 3D objects. The class played ‘Blocks in a Sock’ using tactile information to try to identify a 3D shape.




In IPC, we continued working on our insect research project finding information from a range of different resources.




In the MacLAb on Friday the class went on Microsoft Word and had fun playing around with different fonts and colors to type up titles and headings for their insect research posters.

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