April Smiles

At the start of this week in Writers’ Workshop the class finished their first series! We edited our work by fixing any spelling and revised our stories by adding more and making any final changes. We shared our favorite book from our series with the class.

We looked at what realistic fiction writers do that makes their stories feel real. We learned that they often call on their own experiences to write stories that seem real. We recalled the steps fiction writers follow and started writing a new series with a new character.




In Readers’ Workshop we practiced rereading to smooth out any bumpy parts and to show the big feelings in each part. We learned that rereading helps us to perform our books.

We learned that stories are like fortune cookies – when you open up a story you may find there’s a little life lesson inside it. With a partner, we talked about the lessons that characters learned and what the character or characters realize when the problem is fixed.

We also learned to not just think about life lessons at the end of a story, but also to think about them when we start reading a new book. We predicted the lessons particular books will teach.




In IPC the classes discussed what plants need to survive and started to create a poster including the essential elements.

With a partner we made a greenhouse baggy where we will observe the growth of some beans over the next weeks.

Finally, we looked at a flowering plant in more detail and learned the key labels of flowers.




In Art we were introduced to an artist called Romero Britto. We sketched a flower garden and used markers to fill the picture in with bright bold colors and patterns inspired by his style. At the end, we traced over the outlines with a black marker to emphasize the shapes and patterns.




In Math the class continued working on number sequences. We had to determine what shape comes in a certain position in a repeating shape pattern. We also looked at what is the same about ‘The Penny Jar’, ‘Staircase Towers’ and ‘Shape Patterns’.

We completed an end-of-unit assessment as well as the post-assessment for Unit 7. Well-done!

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