Hello April

In Writers’ Workshop the class worked in small groups revising dialogue we wrote in our book series. We helped each other imagine what our characters might have said and what characters might say back to each other. We then added any revisions to our writing. We also picked a favorite story so far and rehearsed it together, with a partner, taking on voices for dialogue and using our bodies to act out the different parts.

The class then continued writing their series and were reminded to stretch out their sentences adding lots of details. We learned that one way, writers add ‘sparkle’ to their fictions books is to see what kinds of things their favorite authors do. We looked at a mentor text and discussed things the author does, that we like, that we can add to our own stories.



In Readers’ Workshop we practiced changing our voice to show what the character is feeling and bringing the character to life. We considered how a character is feeling in a particular scene, using illustrations as well as details from the text. We learned to expect a character’s feelings to change across a story and when feelings change, readers take action by changing their reading voice to show the new feelings. With a partner, we practiced changing our reading voice, and also tried to use our whole body to show feelings.

The class created a chart called ‘Clues that Help Readers Know HOW to Read’ investigating what clues authors leave, that readers can use, to bring characters to life.

We chose a book we want to bring to life and started reading and rereading it to make our voices really shine. We then took turns rehearsing a part using our best reading voices. We acted as directors watching, listening closely and giving each other tips using ‘Cut!’ and ‘Action!’ cards.



In Math we completed an assessment activity of making a repeating pattern. We were introduced to ‘The Penny Jar’ in which we had to determine number sequences that represents a constant rate of increase of 2 or 3. The class was also introduced to ‘Staircase Tower’ where we imagined cube towers and recorded the number sequences that describe the increasing heights of the towers. We discussed the sequence 2, 4, 6, 8 and practiced counting in 2s.

Finally, the class was introduced to ‘Shape Patterns’ where we made a pattern on a number strip with two kinds of shapes.




In IPC, we started a new unit about Flowers and Insects. We completed a pre-assessment where we had to label parts of a flower and parts of an insect as much as we could. We discussed the differences between living and non-living things.

On Friday we learned about a potato plant and learned that plants have different parts and each part has a different job.



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