Spring is here!

On Monday we had a fun field trip to Marine Park for a beach clean up! Thank you all parent chaperones for coming.



In Writers’ Workshop we learned that fiction writers write series. We started Book One of our series, introducing a character, a setting, the trouble the character gets into and how they get out of trouble. We learned that series writers often tell a lot of important details about their character in Book One of their series. With a partner, we practiced introducing our character, thinking about what details we wanted to add to our writing.

The class were reminded of ways to bring stories to life and continued working on their series making sure to fill up pages with lots of action and dialogue.



In Readers’ Workshop we learned that readers get to know the other characters as well as the main character. When we reread we don’t just see new things in the story, we also notice new things about the characters. We were reminded to reread to not only learn more about our characters, but also to try to sound like the character.



In Math the class was introduced to ‘Make a Train’ where we had to make a repeating cube pattern by putting units together.



In Art, we completed our 4-technique project using oil pastels and water colors. We learned about Fauvism which uses bight bold colors as well as Impressionism and an artist called Claude Monet. Look at our amazing portraits!




We are looking forward to celebrating Japanese Culture Day together tomorrow!

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