Never stop learning!

In Writers’ Workshop this week the class started a new unit on realistic fiction. In our writing, we made up a character and sent them on a real-life adventure. We were reminded to focus on a small moment adventure for our character.

We learned about the importance of the setting in a story and learned to use the details of a familiar place. We also are learning how to stretch out our stories by adding action – telling what the character did, dialogue – telling what the character said, and feelings – telling how the character felt. Finally, we worked on writing a satisfying ending for our readers by including how our character gets out of trouble.




In Readers’ Workshop we learned that when you open a book, most often, you will meet a character who is going places and doing things and you will get to go on the adventure too! We were reminded to take a sneak peek to find out where they’ll go and what they’ll do.

With a reading partner, we also were reminded to keep track of when and where the story is happening and to expect that these will change. We learned that when we read stories we should also look ahead and imagine what is next. We think about what is already happening and predict what might happen next. We had a chance to read to make predictions in our own books.

We also learned the best way to remember a book is to tell someone else about it. We used post-its to mark important parts of a story and then used these to help retell the book with a partner.

We used a new tool, a tiny booklet, to help scaffold sequential retellings by touching and telling what happened part by part.



In Math, the class continued solving several addition and subtraction story problems.

As a class, we recorded down strategies for subtracting and listed strategies for solving addition problems.

We completed Unit 6. Well-done!



In Art, we learned about a style called Pop Art which uses mostly the primary colors. We used markers to complete the second quarter of our artwork with this technique.

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