Hello March!

In Writers’ Workshop this week the class revised their sentences checking for punctuation as well as adding in linking words to connect ideas to make their writing just right. We also were reminded to not just fix up sentences but also fix up words using a range of spelling strategies. The class reviewed all their book reviews, giving them checkups referring to the opinion writing checklist, to make sure their writing is as strong as it can be before choosing a final published piece. The class celebrated the end of the unit by reading aloud their chosen piece of writing. Well-done!




In Readers’ Workshop we discusses what makes reading sound great. We gathered the strategies readers use and added them to a new chart called ‘Ways to Sound like a Reading STAR!’.

We then picked a page to share and show off our star reading with the class.

We learned that to make our reading sound its very best, it sometimes helps to have an audience. To celebrate the end of our ‘Be a Reading Boss!’ unit we made an audiobook recording to the book Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend.

3RB came in to listen to our audio recording of the book on Tuesday!

On Thursday we read with 1P; not only taking it in turns to read aloud, listen carefully and give feedback, but also to provide tips to help one another smooth out any ‘bumpy’ parts or add more expression.




In IPC, with 1P, we shared our research/opinions about an endangered animal we want to help. We then narrowed down our choices and picked two endangered animals we hope to adpot: the Sumatran Rhino and the Amur Leopard.

In small groups we researched many interesting facts about these two animals on Chromebooks and I-pads and learned more about their need for our help.




In Math, the class was introduced to Crayon Puzzles, a variation of How Many of Each? problems and discussed various strategies and solutions. During the week we solved many puzzle problems.

We played new variations of Dot Addition and recorded each combination down with addition notation on different game board worksheets.

We also played a new variation of the game Five-in-a-Row in which we used three cards and could cover the sum of any two. On Friday, the class revisited subtraction variations of Roll and Record and Five-in-a-Row.

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