Spring is here!

On Monday we had a fun field trip to Marine Park for a beach clean up! Thank you all parent chaperones for coming.



In Writers’ Workshop we learned that fiction writers write series. We started Book One of our series, introducing a character, a setting, the trouble the character gets into and how they get out of trouble. We learned that series writers often tell a lot of important details about their character in Book One of their series. With a partner, we practiced introducing our character, thinking about what details we wanted to add to our writing.

The class were reminded of ways to bring stories to life and continued working on their series making sure to fill up pages with lots of action and dialogue.



In Readers’ Workshop we learned that readers get to know the other characters as well as the main character. When we reread we don’t just see new things in the story, we also notice new things about the characters. We were reminded to reread to not only learn more about our characters, but also to try to sound like the character.



In Math the class was introduced to ‘Make a Train’ where we had to make a repeating cube pattern by putting units together.



In Art, we completed our 4-technique project using oil pastels and water colors. We learned about Fauvism which uses bight bold colors as well as Impressionism and an artist called Claude Monet. Look at our amazing portraits!




We are looking forward to celebrating Japanese Culture Day together tomorrow!

March Smiles

This week in Writers’ Workshop we continued working on adding action, dialogue and feelings for our characters in our fiction writing. The class worked on adding fancy words to bring ‘sparkle’ to our stories and use all we know about spelling strategies to help write these words.

We evaluated our writing to help set goals. We looked at the narrative writing checklist and found evidence of our strengths in all of our fiction books so far and also identified goals that we are will be working on.




In Readers’ Workshop we learned that readers read and reread books, each time noticing more and understanding the story a bit better. We reread parts of our books, pausing to notice more details and understand the same story in new ways.

The class thought about the things they want to keep in their reading ‘suitcase’ to use whenever we start a new book and go on a new reading adventure. We celebrated our goals and shared our ‘travel’ plans with the class.

We learned that we want to get to know the characters as well as we can, paying attention to details to learn all about them. With a partner, we introduced our character to each other.




In Math, the class started Unit 7 which focuses on number patterns and number sequences. We played ‘What Comes Next?’ determining what comes next in a repeating pattern. We made our own patterns with connecting cubes and described what it is that makes our cube train a pattern. The class was introduced to body movement patterns. We worked to represent cube train patterns with movement sequences and vice versa.

As a class, we played ‘What Comes Next?’  making two cube trains, each with 12 cubes, but one had a repeating pattern and one did not. We were introduced to ‘Break a Train’ in which we had to break a cube pattern into units.



We are all looking forward to our field trip on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Never stop learning!

In Writers’ Workshop this week the class started a new unit on realistic fiction. In our writing, we made up a character and sent them on a real-life adventure. We were reminded to focus on a small moment adventure for our character.

We learned about the importance of the setting in a story and learned to use the details of a familiar place. We also are learning how to stretch out our stories by adding action – telling what the character did, dialogue – telling what the character said, and feelings – telling how the character felt. Finally, we worked on writing a satisfying ending for our readers by including how our character gets out of trouble.




In Readers’ Workshop we learned that when you open a book, most often, you will meet a character who is going places and doing things and you will get to go on the adventure too! We were reminded to take a sneak peek to find out where they’ll go and what they’ll do.

With a reading partner, we also were reminded to keep track of when and where the story is happening and to expect that these will change. We learned that when we read stories we should also look ahead and imagine what is next. We think about what is already happening and predict what might happen next. We had a chance to read to make predictions in our own books.

We also learned the best way to remember a book is to tell someone else about it. We used post-its to mark important parts of a story and then used these to help retell the book with a partner.

We used a new tool, a tiny booklet, to help scaffold sequential retellings by touching and telling what happened part by part.



In Math, the class continued solving several addition and subtraction story problems.

As a class, we recorded down strategies for subtracting and listed strategies for solving addition problems.

We completed Unit 6. Well-done!



In Art, we learned about a style called Pop Art which uses mostly the primary colors. We used markers to complete the second quarter of our artwork with this technique.

Hello March!

In Writers’ Workshop this week the class revised their sentences checking for punctuation as well as adding in linking words to connect ideas to make their writing just right. We also were reminded to not just fix up sentences but also fix up words using a range of spelling strategies. The class reviewed all their book reviews, giving them checkups referring to the opinion writing checklist, to make sure their writing is as strong as it can be before choosing a final published piece. The class celebrated the end of the unit by reading aloud their chosen piece of writing. Well-done!




In Readers’ Workshop we discusses what makes reading sound great. We gathered the strategies readers use and added them to a new chart called ‘Ways to Sound like a Reading STAR!’.

We then picked a page to share and show off our star reading with the class.

We learned that to make our reading sound its very best, it sometimes helps to have an audience. To celebrate the end of our ‘Be a Reading Boss!’ unit we made an audiobook recording to the book Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend.

3RB came in to listen to our audio recording of the book on Tuesday!

On Thursday we read with 1P; not only taking it in turns to read aloud, listen carefully and give feedback, but also to provide tips to help one another smooth out any ‘bumpy’ parts or add more expression.




In IPC, with 1P, we shared our research/opinions about an endangered animal we want to help. We then narrowed down our choices and picked two endangered animals we hope to adpot: the Sumatran Rhino and the Amur Leopard.

In small groups we researched many interesting facts about these two animals on Chromebooks and I-pads and learned more about their need for our help.




In Math, the class was introduced to Crayon Puzzles, a variation of How Many of Each? problems and discussed various strategies and solutions. During the week we solved many puzzle problems.

We played new variations of Dot Addition and recorded each combination down with addition notation on different game board worksheets.

We also played a new variation of the game Five-in-a-Row in which we used three cards and could cover the sum of any two. On Friday, the class revisited subtraction variations of Roll and Record and Five-in-a-Row.