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This week the class was busy preparing and practicing for the Student-Led Conferences. We look forward to showing you all of our amazing work on Monday 11th February!


On Monday it was BEAUTIFUL weather so we went to the park with 1P. It was a lot of fun!



In Writers’ Workshop we learned that writers write introductions to grab the reader’s attention. One way to do this is to ask questions, name your topic and then tell your opinion. We learned that review writers include important information (what your topic is, where to find it and when to go/how to play) to convince readers.

Sometimes including a small moment story in persuasive reviews can make writing even more convincing. We added small moments to our writing. We also made sure to tell the reader to do something at the end of our review writing.



In Readers’ Workshop we learned that readers can use words they know to read words they don’t know. When you are stuck on a word you can think, “do I know how to read or write a word that looks like this one?” We looked at using known words to help make connections to new or unknown words.

We were reminded that vowels can make two sounds and that some sounds are sneaky because they don’t look the way they sound.

We practiced the strategy; ‘try it many ways.’ The class went on a word hunt for sneaky sounds in our books and added them to a class chart.



In Maths we were shown eight different tapes placed on the floor that were of different distances. We predicted the lengths and used ‘kid steps’, using our feet, to measure and record the length of two tapes confirming which one is longer.

The class also investigated if the size of a person’s foot might lead to different measurements. We used different units (steps of a baby, basketball player and craft sticks) to measure three different tapes and compared the measurements.

We also measured how far different animals, including a first grader, can jump and solved combining and comparing word problems. Finally, we completed the post-assessment for Unit 5. Great work!



In the PC Lab this week we went on Typing Club. We learned to touch-type letters ‘f’, ‘j’, ‘d’, ‘k’, ‘s’, ‘l’ and even some more. We tried hard to type using all fingers, without looking at the keyboard.



In Art this week the class made their own Valentine’s day cards for someone in the Elementary School. Next week, on February 14th, we will give and receive our cards.



On Wednesday everyone enjoyed their second class reward!

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