New Me, Fun Me

In Writers’ Workshop we were introduced to opinion writing and completed a pre on-demand performance assessment. We thought of a topic and wrote an opinion text in which we stated our opinions and gave reasons why we felt that way.

We learned that people who keep collections often think about what their favorite is and tell their opinions and maybe even convince others about their opinions. We got to look at Ms Gerken’s magnet collection and decided which is our favorite. We shared our own collections with the class.

Each of us got to function as a judge, learning how to make fair decisions and choose a winner by giving reasons. We learned that when you have an opinion, when you judge something, you need to give a couple of reasons, not just one, and say details about each reason.



In Readers’ Workshop we learned that when readers are the boss of their reading, one of their jobs is to stop at the first sign of trouble and to try something using all we know.

We learned to take charge of our reading and do everything it takes to figure out the hard parts. We practiced using more than one strategy to solve the tricky parts.




In Maths, we reviewed the correct way of using tally marks as a way to help and make it easier to count. With a partner, we got to do our own survey with the class, deciding on a question that has 2 possible responses. We made a plan for collecting data.

Then we asked the questions and recorded our class mates’ responses. We used our information collected from our survey question and made a representation of the data to show what we found out.

We also made a representation of how old children in our class are and talked about the representation. Lastly, we created a representation showing the ages of us and our siblings.

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