Happy New Year!

The class started the week off writing New Year’s Resolutions. We all thought of some goals we want to set for ourselves for the year 2019.


In Writers’ Workshop we continued writing our nonfiction chapter books. We were reminded of the craft moves, like pop-out words and speech bubbles, from Unit 1, that writers use to give more information or to make some information stand out. We revisited our work to see if we might use craft moves in our writing.

We played an editing checklist game with a partner where we had to check off an item (e.g. vowels in every word) and make changes to our work as needed. We decided what part of our book we would like to share with the class and practiced reading using our best teaching voice.

We then self-assessed our work using the Information Writing Checklist.

Finally, we set up a museum exhibit to celebrate our writing! We have not only become nonfiction writers, we’ve all become teachers! We learned how to teach others with our writing; by writing a lot of interesting details, by making pictures into teach pictures and by putting information into chapters. We can all be very proud of ourselves!



In Readers’ Worksop we learned that it’s important to check in with your audience when reading to make sure they are with you and understand the information you are sharing. With a reading buddy, we always checked for understanding, pointing to pictures, asking questions or re-reading parts. We continued using post-it notes to remember where to stop and what to talk about.

We also had a chance to use drama to bring the topic to life. It was a lot of fun!

The class celebrated all they have learned in Unit 2 about ‘How to get Super Smart about Nonfiction Topics’ and ‘How to Read Aloud like an Expert’ with 1P.



In Maths the class completed a pre-assessment for Unit 4. The class was introduced to Quick Surveys; an activity that provides students with several opportunities throughout the unit to collect, record and discuss data and to see a variety of data representations.

We discussed sorting shapes and buttons. We decided how to organize and sort the attributes of shapes and buttons and made representations of how the objects can be sorted.

The class played Guess My Rule, placing 2 buttons that fit and 2 that don’t fit a rule we picked. We also used power polygons.

We also played Guess My Rule with People. It was fun! We made a representation to show the results of one of the rules: ‘Students wearing grey sweaters’.

Finally, we completed a survey about whether we would rather be eagles or whales and made a representation of the data.



In Art the class completed an optical illusions picture. We followed a step by step process to create an optical illusion of falling down a tube.

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