December is here!

At the end of the day this week a name was been pulled out of a cup for our class Advent calendar!



In Readers’ we learned that it helps to study all parts that we may find interesting and important, thinking not just like a reader, but also like a writer. That way we may notice words that make a picture in our mind, or a part that makes us react in a big way or feel something. Everyone practiced reading parts of a text and noticing craft moves.

Another way to make a read-aloud sound like an expert is to point out keywords in books as we read, use them to talk about the topic and teach others what they mean and why they are important. We enjoyed talking and thinking about keywords with a partner.



In Writers’ this week the class started a new chapter book! We were reminded how to begin drafting a new chapter book referring to our ‘how to write a teaching book’ chart and our information writing checklist. We each first planned our new table of contents.

We learned that sometimes writers research and look for pictures that are connected to their topics so they can add more specific details. The class used the photographs/pictures brought to help add more information to their writing. We also found books with pictures of our topic to help us.

The class was reminded that nonfiction writers choose ending punctuation that reflects how they are trying to speak (use periods when telling facts, use question marks when asking questions and exclamation marks when telling something exciting and commas when making lists).  We thought about end punctuation while continuing to work on writing our chapter books.




In Math Investigations, the class was introduced to a 100 chart. We played ‘Missing Numbers’ with a partner where one partner had to cover 5 numbers on the hundreds chart and the other had to figure out which numbers are missing and explain why/how they know.

We also completed a challenge using a hundred chart to help find numbers that are 1 more, 1 less, 10 more or 10 less. The end of the week marked the end of Unit 3! We all completed three assessment sheets and the end of unit post-assessment. Well-done!




In Art we completed a catching snowflake picture. We drew our face with a little button nose with an open mouth showing our teeth and tongue. We used oil pastels to color and added snowflakes falling.


The class have also been busy preparing and getting ready for our assembly which is next week Tuesday 11th December!

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