Last week of November

This week in Writers’ the class started off investigating ways that authors have started their books. Some begin with questions to pull readers in and get them to think, others give an overview giving readers the topic they will learn about right away. We talked about several ways to begin a chapter book and added questions for readers to guess and tell what our teaching book will be about.

We also focused on editing our writing for readers: ‘How can I make my writing clear for my reader?’ We got ready to publish our work checking for any mistakes or confusing parts, revising adding punctuation and checking spelling referring to our ‘ways to spell words’ chart. We shared our final chapter books with each other and some of us shared them in front of the class. Well-done!



In Readers’ the class had a chance to ‘read aloud like an expert’. We took a book we already read and have enjoyed and marked interesting parts with post-it notes.

We then shared what we marked with a reading partner.

On Tuesday we read with 3RB.

We also talked about when we read a book like an expert it helps to think about and practice how to read each part, showing the feeling in each part. We practiced making our voice show the feeling behind the words, for example using a strong voice to convey suspense.




In Maths we started investigating the size of our feet by covering an outline of our foot with tiles. The class created a representation of all the data and we discussed what we noticed.

We also covered our foot outline with smaller materials, such as pennies. We checked our abilities to count a set of 40-50 objects and discussed strategies for accurately counting larger amounts.

The class was introduced to counting strips where we had to count and write the sequence of numbers as high as we could. We discussed patterns in numbers, noticing the place where the numbers ‘change’ and strategies for writing numbers that are difficult.



We hope you enjoyed our performances at the Christmas Concert on Friday November 30th!

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