Thanksgiving Week

On Wednesday in Art we celebrated Thanksgiving. We discussed what we are thankful for and made our own thankfulness turkeys!

We also learned about an artist called George Seurat who used a technique called pointillism in his artwork. We used q-tips to create pointillism on a tree outline using paint and autumn colors. It was tricky adding leaves using ONLY small dots!


In Writers’ this week the class starting writing a teaching chapter book. We all chose a topic we know pretty well and first wrote a table of contents for that book including all the chapter titles.

We learned that when writing a teaching chapter book, we plan the same way as our teaching picture books – we say the chapter across our fingers, part my part. We all started writing our chapters.

We thought about some tips that we should be using to remind us later on of the goals for information writing, e.g. ‘introduce the topic’, ‘end with a thought or idea’, ‘include pictures with labels’, ‘use expert words’, etc. We learned that writers don’t just tell a fact/detail but they help readers to picture the fact/detail. One was to do this is by using a comparison, e.g. bike paths are like roads but smaller. We discussed pausing during our writing and asking ourselves the questions; ‘what kind of writing am I making’ (e.g. a “how to” chapter) and ‘what are the rules of that kind of writing?’



In Readers’ we learned that readers are on the lookout for tricky words to make sure that what they read is what is actually on the page. We learned to do a ‘slow check’ which is a great way to double-check something looks right but also making sure that something makes sense.

We learned that when readers run into a new word, they say the word the best they can and think about what it means. We played a guessing game with our new vocabulary.

The class discussed as we are reading nonfiction we become expert on a topic and get to know keywords related to a topic. We were on the lookout for keywords and really ‘owned’ the new words by repeating them multiple times. As we were reading we noted down some keywords on a post-it. Some words we found are also important in other books.



In Maths Investigations the class continued working with addition and subtraction story problems. During Maths Workshop we each solved 8 problems this week. We revised standard notation for addition and subtraction.

The class was introduced to ‘Guess my Number’. At the start of every session the students were given a few clues (e.g. my number is >6 and <16) and had to ask questions to narrow down the set of possible numbers and figure out what the number is. We worked with numbers 9, 10, and 12 and used cubes to generate expressions that equal these numbers. We recorded down our combinations and shared our answers.

At the end of the week, the class completed a pack of challenging story word problems, each time thinking whether it will be more or less.



In the library on Friday Ms. Schumacher showed us a book about Thanksgiving on Bookflix.



This week I really enjoyed learning about everyone’s favorite book for show and tell. Thank you for sharing and well done!

Have a great weekend!

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