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In IPC, we continued learning about the brain. Check out our COOL brain hats!


In Readers’ the class celebrated all the good reading habits developed so far. We recorded our best habits on a sentence strip and read it aloud to share in front of the whole class!

We also considered a personal next step and recorded our goal on a post-it.

The class was introduced to a program called Seesaw and we started to record our reading aloud. It was fun hearing our own voice in the recording!




In Writers’ Workshop we studied some books and looked at what craft moves other authors use, and talked about why they do this. We tried using more craft moves in our own writing.

The class has chosen a story they would like to fix up and make extra special to publish and share. We reviewed what we learned in the unit (how to write a story, ways to bring stories to life, writing in itsy-bitsy steps, unfreezing people, including exact actions, pop out words, etc.). We shared our stories with a partner, showing them where we have revised our writing to make it even better and always asked ourselves ‘what can be fixed up?’.




In Maths Investigations we played a game called ‘Guess my Rule’. We had to try and put as many shapes as we could inside the circle before guessing what the rule was. After a discussion, the rule was shared. For example; ‘shapes that have only straight sides’.

We completed a group poster sorting shape cards into groups, gluing them down in their categories and writing the name of each category. Here we are presenting them in front of the class.

We used dot paper to draw triangles of different sizes – first by circling 3 dots and then connecting the dots with three lines. We did the same activity for drawing different quadrilaterals. We learned that a quadrilateral is a shape with four straight, connected sides.

We also continued exploring  Geoboards and power polygons.


happy weekend!

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