International day, class reward and reading fun day all in ONE week

On Tuesday 16th October the class celebrated International Day! Look at our wonderful outfits!

We had a delicious potluck. Thank you SO MUCH to all parents for contributing and helping.

We enjoyed presentations about the UK, Russia, France and South Korea; a movie from China and a story and dance from India. Thank you to our parents for sharing. We had a lot of fun.



In IPC, we took part in fun activities to train our brains and make them more powerful. We focused on improving practice for timing a puzzle, completing addition problems, building a tower and memorizing words from a set of flash cards.



In Writers’ Workshop, we discussed the finishing touches regarding finalizing our book and created a title page. We each used the narrative writing checklist to self-assess our writing.  We shared our small moment books with the class AND with 1P! Well-one everyone; your stories are amazing!



The class continued working on Real Script; practicing exit stroke letters ‘a’ and ‘c’ using fountain pens.



In Art we discussed examples of lines and created a ‘crazy hair’ portrait using different types of lines.



On Thursday we had our class reward! We enjoyed watching Stuart Little, eating popcorn and wearing our pjs.

We also enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake from Riki, celebrating his birthday. Thank you!



On Friday, we all had a great reading fun day at school.


Look at our amazing door front cover!


What a fantastic, fun-filled last week of school we have all had! I hope you all enjoy the October break.

Always Learning

In IPC, we continued learning about the brain. Check out our COOL brain hats!


In Readers’ the class celebrated all the good reading habits developed so far. We recorded our best habits on a sentence strip and read it aloud to share in front of the whole class!

We also considered a personal next step and recorded our goal on a post-it.

The class was introduced to a program called Seesaw and we started to record our reading aloud. It was fun hearing our own voice in the recording!




In Writers’ Workshop we studied some books and looked at what craft moves other authors use, and talked about why they do this. We tried using more craft moves in our own writing.

The class has chosen a story they would like to fix up and make extra special to publish and share. We reviewed what we learned in the unit (how to write a story, ways to bring stories to life, writing in itsy-bitsy steps, unfreezing people, including exact actions, pop out words, etc.). We shared our stories with a partner, showing them where we have revised our writing to make it even better and always asked ourselves ‘what can be fixed up?’.




In Maths Investigations we played a game called ‘Guess my Rule’. We had to try and put as many shapes as we could inside the circle before guessing what the rule was. After a discussion, the rule was shared. For example; ‘shapes that have only straight sides’.

We completed a group poster sorting shape cards into groups, gluing them down in their categories and writing the name of each category. Here we are presenting them in front of the class.

We used dot paper to draw triangles of different sizes – first by circling 3 dots and then connecting the dots with three lines. We did the same activity for drawing different quadrilaterals. We learned that a quadrilateral is a shape with four straight, connected sides.

We also continued exploring  Geoboards and power polygons.


happy weekend!

Happy October

In Writers’ we talked more about the importance of editing our work – really checking we have added all punctuation to our sentences so that a reader can read our writing with intonation. We used a checklist to see what each of us needs to work on e.g. ‘using the word wall to help me spell other words’ or ‘using capital letters for names’, etc.

We reviewed ways to bring stories to life and we also talked about craft moves – the special things authors do in their writing. We practiced including ellipses in our writing – to build excitement, adding exact actions – to make a movie in the readers’ mind and writing big, bold words that ‘POP OUT’ in order to tell the reader to read with a strong voice.

Have a look at us using these craft moves in our own writing!


On Monday we got to read with 3RB again. It was fun!

In Readers’ workshop, we learned that one thing readers do at the beginning is give a book introduction before reading. We tried this out with a reading partner, remembering to include the title, who it is by (the author if known), retelling a little bit about what it is about and why we like it using because to give a reason. We learned that reading partners don’t just ‘tell’ but they help. We had a fun time cheering on our partners if they got stuck to encourage them to try.

We also learned that partners also do something at the end too. We watched each others’ partnership work and noticed all the things that partners do well together to try and make our reading stronger and stronger each day.



In Maths we continued working on Pattern-Block Fill-Ins. We also had a similar activity called Pattern Block Counts where we had to make up a design using a certain number of pattern blocks.

The class played a game called Fill the Hexagons. It was fun! We discussed ways to make a rhombus, a trapezoid and a hexagon.

We investigated different ways to fill the same outline.

We also completed an activity called ‘Filling with More and Fewer’ where we used pattern blocks to fill two outlines in different ways. One outline we tried using very few blocks and in the other outline more/many blocks.

Finally, we started exploring geoboards and making shapes and designs using rubber bands.



In Art we reviewed what we learned about primary and secondary colors and discussed what warm and cool colors are. We completed a warm and cool color tree picture!



Thursday was picture day!



This week we started our first IPC unit about the brain. We completed a KWHL (What I Know, What I Want to know, How we can find out and What I’ve Learned) chart. We learned some new vocabulary – like dominant and non-dominant, completed fun brain exercises – like trying to say the color of the word and not the written word and explored brain books.


Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday for Parent Teacher Conferences 🙂