Busy bees

Thank you to all parents who came in to see us working hard on Monday during Open House.


In Maths this week we looked at more story word problems and talked about different strategies we can use to combine two or more numbers, every time explaining and recording how we figured out the total. The class was introduced to seven peas and carrots where we had to find and share all the possible combinations of 7.

We played two new games; Three Towers of 10; a game where we worked with different combinations of one number as we built cube towers using two colors, and Heads and Tails; another game focusing on number combinations.



In Writers’ Workshop we learned that in order to make stories come to life we have to ‘unfreeze’ people and make them move and talk.

We spoke about the purpose of speech marks to mark what people in our stories are saying. Check out some of our writing using speech marks!

We learned that good stories are a lot like a spider; writers tell their stories in small steps, bit by bit. We thought about Itsy-Bitsy.



In Readers’ Workshop we started a new chart for solving hard words and practiced checking the picture and looking for all parts of the word to help us if we are stuck.

We continued practicing to read with smooth voices, remembering not to karate-chop words. When it comes to tricky words we learned not to rely on just one strategy. We know we can check the picture and look at all parts of the word to help us. Here we are using strategies to help us figure out words our reading partners covered up with a sticky note. It was fun!


We had Art on Wednesday. Firstly, we read a book called Mix it Up. We followed the artist’s simple instructions, and suddenly saw how colors appeared, mixed, splattered and vanished by our imagination.

After we were introduced to the color wheel and painted our very own color wheel using water colors!

We turned this into a really cool eye picture! Check out those colorful eyes and funky eyelashes!


Enjoy your long weekend!

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