Happy Hardworking 1G

Congratulations to our Student Council class representative this year Olivia!


In Readers’ workshop this week we read more and more! We learned about rereading to smooth out our voices and reading in big scoops. We learned that another good habit is to reread, to look for the ‘hidden story’ – the story we didn’t notice the first time. We pretended to be reporters and talked about all the good habits we have developed so far. The class also talked about when readers pick up a good habit they sometimes pick up bad habits by mistake. In order to get stronger as a reader we need to know our bad habits and ‘drop them’.  We are setting reading goals every day!

We especially love reading with our reading partners.


This week in Writers’ workshop we focused on writing teeny tiny (seed) stories instead of big (watermelon) topics. We worked with a writing partner and learned that writers add to their writing by imagining the questions their partners might ask.

The class set up a museum of writing to celebrate and admire our work so far.

We had a look at the Grade 1 narrative writing checklist to understand what we need to work on. We looked through all our writing so far and revised our work; making sure we have included the criteria from the checklist.



In Maths Investigation we learned to play double compare dots, double compare and five-in-a-row. In these games, we always had to figure out how many numbers there are altogether. We also played a new game called roll and record where we had to add two dice together and it’s a race with numbers to see which number gets to the top first. We had a lot of fun!

The class started looking at story word problems and recorded down our way of solving the problem. We came up with many different strategies and approaches.



We were introduced to Real Script and practiced our pen hold and posture. We had fun using our fountain pens!



In the library Ms. Gerken showed Ms. Schumacher how we take a sneak peek at the beginning of a book before we start reading.

We look forward to welcoming you into our classroom on Monday for Open House day.

Come and join the fun!

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