We love 1G!

In Writers’ Workshop this week the class focused on writing a small moment story. We all learned how to write a story by first thinking of an idea, planning through touching and telling and sketching across the pages and finally writing. We also worked on revising our stories asking the 5 W’s; Who? What? When? Where? and Why? We talked about and used different strategies to help us spell tricky words, for example ‘say it, slide it, hear it, write it’.


In Readers’ Workshop we talked about what habits are and that readers have good habits they do without reminders every time they read. We all know to take a sneak peek at the beginning, check our sneak peek and to do something at the end like rereading our favorite part.

We also used reading mats to keep track and help us set goals when reading.


In Maths Investigations we have been focusing on counting and ordering quantities and comparing numbers. We learned to play some games like collect 20, start with/get with, compare dots and compare. We used connecting cubes to build staircases and had a lesson with mystery bags where we had to count the contents and make a representation that shows what and how many are in the bag. This was very fun and exciting! We discussed strategies of putting numbers in order and learned about greater than, less than and equal to. We know that mathematicians use symbols to show these.


We started Word Work lessons, together with 1P, where we are focusing on getting those key word patterns and skills to help us with our reading and writing. Here some of us are working with sand, magnetic letters, whiteboards and ipads to practice our word list.


In Art we learned about an artist called Amadeo Modigliani and made our own portraits in his style (head and shoulders, oval-shaped face, long neck, almond-shaped eyes, long, sometimes twisted nose, pursed lips) using oil pastels.


The class got to take a second book from the library and listened to a fun story called Androcles and the Lion.


We also all signed onto a computer in the PC Lab and played games on Starfall.


On Friday we welcomed two new classmates to 1G!


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with lots of reading! See you all on Monday!

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