Hello May

In Writers’ the class got ready to publish their book series. We completed our front cover, book title page and a ‘Meet the Author’ page. The class had time to revise, edit and make work ready to celebrate next week. We each completed a fiction writing checklist ticking off things we did in our book series.


In Maths the class continued working on number sequences. We had to determine what shape comes in a certain position in a repeating shape pattern. We also looked at what is the same about ‘The Penny Jar’, ‘Staircase Towers’ and ‘Shape Patterns’.

Finally, we completed an end-of-unit assessment as well as the post-assessment for Unit 7. Well-done!



In Readers’ we learned that readers give recommendations as a way to pass along favorite stories and important life lessons. We recommended books we love and read with a reading partner.

On Wednesday, we read with 3B.


In Art, we worked on making a flower mosaic using a range of seeds. It was hard but fun!


In IPC, we dissected a flower, identifying each part in close detail and recorded down some sketches. We got to go to the Science building and work in Ms. Suziki’s lab!

We also learned about the flowering plants life cycle and were introduced to the importance of bees.

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