Last week of April

In Writers’ the class continued working on their book series. We were reminded that writers use punctuation to give orders to their readers. For example, adding an exclamation mark to a part they want to sound exciting or using ellipses to create suspense. We learned that authors try to add details to their own illustrations to give additional information too. We worked on making punctuation choices by rereading parts of our books and went back to add detail to our pictures.

The class looked at what our favorite series authors do and thought about what we could add and edit in our own fiction books.


In Readers’ we learned that when we compare books, categories begin to form and you can group books together. We compared and categorized our own books, also thinking about the book’s life lesson. We shared our books and the new categories.


In Maths we completed an assessment activity of making a repeating pattern. We were introduced to ‘The Penny Jar’ in which we had to determine number sequences that represents a constant rate of increase of 2 or 3.

The class was also introduced to ‘Staircase Tower’ where we built cube towers and recorded the number sequences that describe the increasing heights of the towers.

We discussed the sequence 2, 4, 6, 8 and practiced counting in 2s. Finally, the class was introduced to ‘Shape Patterns’ where we made a pattern on a number strip with two kinds of shapes.



In IPC, we planted our seeds!

We also each made a greenhouse baggy where we will observe the growth of a bean over the next weeks.

Finally, we looked at a flowering plant in more detail and learned the key labels of flowers.


In Art, we completed our 4-technique project using oil pastels and paint. We learned about Fauvism which uses bight bold colors as well as Impressionism and an artist called Claude Monet. Look at our amazing portraits!

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