New Me, Fun Me

In Writers we learned that when you write something, it is important to understand the kind of writing you are doing and to figure out ways people do that writing really well. We looked at a piece of writing and compared it to the opinion writing checklist. We all set a goal referring to the checklist of what we need to work on next.

We put out our ‘Best in Show’ choice from our collection and walked around to have a look at each other’s. We discovered that we sometimes can disagree and have different opinions. We had the chance to write an opinion about another person’s collections.

Sometimes people who are experts on a topic, who collect a lot of information about a topic, write to convince others of what they believe is worst in their collections giving reasons why. We all wrote about a least favorite piece in our own collection. We learned that in order to be even more convincing we can get help from people who agreed with us and add quotes from experts.


On Monday we went to the PC lab and enjoyed going on Teach Your Monster to Read or ABCya!


In Readers we learned that readers to a ‘triple check’ asking themselves ‘Does it make sense?, Does it look right?, Does it sound right?’ Readers who are in charge of their reading think ‘what do I do a lot? and ‘what can I do even more?’ and they make a plan to be the best they can be. Referring to our word-solving chart we named some strategies that we use all the time and jotted down one strategy to make a plan for how we’ll push ourselves to use more strategies when we get stuck on a tricky word. We shared our reading goals with the class.

We learned that sometimes even bosses need to help solve problems and that people need to work together to solve hard problems. We observed good partnership in action and read with a reading partner helping each other when we needed it.


In Maths we completed a survey about whether we would rather be eagles or whales and made a representation of the data.

We also reviewed the correct way of using tally marks as a way to help and make it easier to count.

We got to do our own survey with the class, deciding on a question that has 2 possible responses. We made a plan for collecting data and then asked the questions and recorded our class mates’ responses.


On Wednesday the class celebrated their second class reward with a movie and popcorn!


This week the class started IPC. For the next 5 weeks students will learn about the brain and how it helps us to learn. We started to complete a KWHL (What I know, What I want to know, How we can find out and What I’ve learned) chart. We learned some new vocabulary, explored brain books and completed  fun brain exercises. Here we are trying to balance on our dominant foot for as long as possible and trying to say the color of the word and not the written word.


We enjoyed Number fun day on Friday!

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