Christmas is coming!

We had a fun Spirit Week in First Grade!

Hero Vs Villian

Class Vs Class (Disney!)

Night Vs Day

We wrote a letter to Santa, put it in an envelope and addressed it to Santa Claus’ Main Post Office in Lapland. We hope we get what we have asked for!

The class enjoyed making Christmas cards, Christmas tree ornaments and snow globes this week.

We had a surprise leaving party for Daichi!

Good luck at your new school! We will miss you!

On Thursday we opened our Secret Santa presents, enjoyed a yummy potluck lunch (Thank you parents!) and watched a Christmas movie.


December is here!

The students chose their best nonfiction chapter book and self-assessed their work using the Information Writing checklist.

This week for Writers’ the class was introduced to poetry. We first created a word web for ‘Christmas’ and brainstormed words that have to do with the holiday. We wrote a Christmas 5 senses poem, shape poems and acrostic poems.



In Readers the class celebrated all they have learned in Unit 2 about ‘How to get Super Smart about Nonfiction Topics’ and ‘How to Read Aloud like an Expert’ with 1P.

We started reading a class Christmas book and got to read on the Ipads during the week.

On Friday 3B came to read with us!


In Maths we finished making our counting strips.

The class was introduced to a 100 chart. We played ‘Missing Numbers’ with a partner where one partner had to cover 5-10 numbers on the hundreds chart and the other had to figure out which numbers are missing and explain why/how they know.

We also completed a challenge using a hundred chart to help find numbers that are 1 more, 1 less, 10 more or 10 less.

The end of the week marked the end of Unit 3! We all completed three assessment sheets and the end of unit post-assessment. Well-done!


In Art we completed a catching snowflake picture. We drew our face with a little button nose with an open mouth showing our teeth and tongue. We used oil pastels to color and added snowflakes falling.