Last week of September

We started the week with a visit to the PC Lab. We used headphones and went on ‘Teach your Monster to Read’. It was so much fun!

In Writers’ this week we reviewed ways to bring stories to life. We also talked about craft moves – the special things authors do in their writing. We practiced including ellipses in our writing – to build excitement, adding exact actions – to make a movie in the readers’ mind and writing big, bold words that ‘POP OUT’ in order to tell the reader to read with a strong voice.

Have a look at us using these craft moves in our own writing!

In Readers’ this week we learned that partners also do something at the end too. We watched each others’ partnership work and notice all the things that partners do well together to try and make our reading stronger and stronger each day. The class celebrated all the good reading habits developed so far. Check out how we recorded our best habits on a sentence strip and read it aloud to share in front of the whole class!

Period 6 on Friday we had a special Readers’ session with our reading buddies in 3B. We went to the park and enjoyed our books in the sunshine! Hopefully not too many mosquito bites as a result…

In Maths the class started a new Unit about Geometry and Shapes. We talked about what the terms ‘geometry’ and ‘two-dimensional’ mean and looked at various shapes and described their properties. Every day we worked on an activity called Pattern-Block Fill-Ins where we had to fill a puzzle outline with pattern blocks and record how we did it.

We also had a similar activity called Pattern Block Counts where we had to make up a design by using a certain number of pattern blocks.

The class played a game called Fill the Hexagons. It was fun!

We discussed ways to make a rhombus, a trapezoid and a hexagon.

Finally we investigated different ways to fill the same outline.



A short but exciting week!

We had a fun start to the week with Open House day and loved showing our parents what we do 🙂

In Maths Investigation the class played a game called How Many am I Hiding? We had to record down the total number of cubes our partner was showing and then figure out how many they were hiding. It was fun!

We also solved another peas and carrots word story problem, this time finding more than one commination that equals 9. It was interesting to see the different ideas and methods we recorded down. We worked to solve more addition story problems and completed an end-of-unit assessment. Well-done everyone on finishing our first Investigations Unit!

In Writers’ we talked more about the importance of editing our work – really checking we have added all punctuation to our sentences so that a reader can read our writing with intonation. We used a checklist to self-assess a piece of our story. It was great to see what each of us needs to work on e.g. ‘using the word wall to help me spell other words’ or ‘using capital letters for names’, etc.

In Readers’ workshop, we learned that one thing readers do at the beginning is to give a book introduction before reading. We tried this out with a reading partner, remembering to include the title, who it is by (the author if known), retelling a little bit about what it is about and why we like it using because to give a reason. We also learned that reading partners don’t just ‘tell’ but they help. We had a fun time cheering on our partners if they got stuck to encourage them to try.

We had Art on Wednesday. Firstly, we read a book called Mix it Up. We followed the artist’s simple instructions, and suddenly saw how colors appeared, mixed, splattered and vanished by our imagination.

After we were introduced to the color wheel and painted our very own color wheel using water colors!

We turned this into a really cool eye picture! Check out those colorful eyes and funky eyelashes!

Another great week in 1G

In Maths this week 1G played a new game called Roll and Record where we had to add two dice together. It’s a race with numbers to see which number gets to the top first. We had a lot of fun!

We looked at more story word problems and talked about different strategies we can use to combine two or more numbers, every time explaining and recording how we figured out the total. The class was introduced to seven peas and carrots where we had to find and share all the possible combinations of 7. Lastly, we played two new games called Three Towers of 10 and Heads and Tails.

In Readers’ we continued practicing to read with smooth voices, remembering not to karate-chop words. When it comes to tricky words we learned not to rely on just one strategy. We know we can check the picture, look at all parts of the word and do a double-check to make sure a word makes sense with the story. Sometimes it helps to write the word out too. We played ‘guess the covered word’ game with a partner where we had to figure out the word using details from the picture or story clues.

We also began to look more in depth at vowels and are beginning to try the sound two ways – short and long –  to help us figure out how to say a word and try it both ways.

On Tuesday we had a surprise Readers’ session where 3B came to visit us. We made sure to use all our good habits we have learned so far. We even made new friends!

In Writers’ we continued looking at ways to bring stories to life. We learned that good stories are a lot like a spider; writers tell their stories in small steps, bit by bit. We thought about Itsy-Bitsy. We worked on adding details to our writing, not just making people talk and move, but also making them feel and think. We spoke about the purpose of speech marks to mark what people in our stories are saying.  Finally, we focused on spelling words part by part rather than letter by letter and shared our methods for solving unknown words. We practiced writing words adding ‘ed’ and ‘ing’.

At the start of the week, we had a great time at the PC lab and almost all of us logged in without ANY help!

We enjoyed another fun visit to the library too!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Busy Bees

Congratulations to our class representative this year…Naruki!

In Readers’ workshop this week we read more and more! We learned that another good habit is to reread, to look for the ‘hidden story’ – the story we didn’t notice the first time. We pretended to be reporters and talked about all the good habits we have developed so far. The class also talked about when readers pick up a good habit they sometimes pick up bad habits by mistake. In order to get stronger as a reader we need to know our bad habits and ‘drop them’. We started a new chart for solving hard words and practiced checking the picture and looking for all parts of the word to help us if we are stuck.

We especially love reading with our reading partners.

We are setting reading goals every day!

This week in Writers’ workshop we focused on writing teeny tiny (seed) stories instead of big (watermelon) topics. We worked with a writing partner and learned that writers add to their writing by imagining the questions their partners might ask. The class set up a museum of writing to celebrate and admire our work so far. We had a look at the Grade 1 narrative writing checklist to understand what we need to work on.

We also learned that in order to make stories come to life we have to ‘unfreeze’ people and make them move and talk. We had a chance to act out our stories to help us imagine what the people are doing and/or saying.

In Maths Investigation we discussed strategies of putting numbers in order and learned about greater than, less than and equal to. We know that mathematicians use symbols to show these. We learned to play double compare dots, double compare and five-in-a-row. In these games, we always had to figure out how many numbers there are altogether. The class started looking at story word problems and recorded down our way of solving the problem. We came up with many different strategies and approaches.

In Art we learned about an artist called Amadeo Modigliani and made our own portraits in his style (head and shoulders, oval-shaped face, long neck, almond-shaped eyes, long, sometimes twisted nose, pursed lips) using oil pastels.

We are such talented artists!

What a fantastic week we’ve had!

Happy hardworking 1G

In Writers’ Workshop this week the class focused on writing a small moment story. We all learned how to write a story by first thinking of an idea, planning through touching and telling and sketching across the pages and finally writing. We also worked on revising our stories asking the 5 W’s and 1H questions; Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? We talked about and used different strategies to help us spell tricky words, for example ‘say it, slide it, hear it, write it’.

In Readers’ Workshop we talked about what habits are and that readers have good habits they do without reminders every time they read. We all know to take a sneak peek at the beginning, check our sneak peek and to do something at the end like rereading our favorite part. We also used reading mats to keep track and help us set goals when reading. We learned about rereading to smooth out our voices and reading in big scoops.

In Maths Investigations we have been focusing on counting and ordering quantities and comparing numbers. We learned to play some games like collect 20, start with/get with, compare dots and compare. We used connecting cubes to build staircases and had a lesson with mystery bags where we had to count the contents and make a representation that shows what and how many are in the bag. This was very fun and exciting!

We started Word Work lessons, together with 1P, where we are focusing on getting those key word patterns and skills to help us with our reading and writing. Here some of us are working with sand, magnetic letters, whiteboards and ipads to practice our word list.

The class got to take a second book from the library and listened to a fun story called Matcha Matcha Matcha.

We also all signed onto a computer in the PC Lab and played games on Starfall.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with lots of reading! See you all on Monday!