We love 1G!

We loved our first week of 1st Grade!!!

This week we learned all about our classmates, who we are, where we come from and what we like.

Below is our birthday wall!

We discussed what it means to be a unique individual, one of our SMEOs and completed a piece of artwork explaining why each of us is unique.

We wrote a story, read books, did some Maths review.

Here some of us are exploring Maths equipment.

We went to the library, the MacLab and had Japanese, Religion and PE class for the first time!

Keep up the hard work busy bees!


Welcome to 1G

This is my first year at Saint Maur and I am looking forward to teaching your children in my class.

A little about me…I was born in Virginia, but grew up in Germany. Having attended international schools all my life, I have come to realize that I feel at home in an international school community. Teaching came as a surprise to me as I was volunteering at a primary school in Tanzania during my summer vacation in Grade 11 for CAS hours as part of the IB program. I have a Bachelors in Primary Education from Canterbury Christ Church University and a Masters in Education (International Education) from Bath University. During my university studies, I was offered a placement at Yokohama International School. When I had the opportunity to take a placement at Yokohama International School, it was as though I had returned home despite the shock of being immersed in a culture that is alien, yet fascinating, in a country whose language I do not speak and cannot read. I am very excited to be back in Japan! Before my NQT year, I worked as a supply teacher at both the European School Culham and the Europa School Culham in England. After working in England, I decided to move back to Germany. I spent the last three years teaching Grade 3 at the European School Rhein Main in Frankfurt before moving here.

I enjoy travelling to different countries. Some of my hobbies include running, hiking, zumba, coloring, baking and watching movies.