The Parent Support Group is all of us! To quote the PSG Constitution:

All parents are members of the PSG and pay an annual membership fee for which they are billed along with the school fees. A PSG Executive Committee is nominated from among the members of the PSG.

You can read the entire PSG Constitution here: PSG Constitution

Do you see a blank space in the assignments below, or an activity that interests you? Then contact the point of contact listed or any Executive Committee member to get involved!


For contact information for anyone listed below, please send us an email by clicking here.

Position Name
Chair Renata Jaroscakova
Vice Chair Jeannie Adashek
Secretary Maria Lucia (Malu) Mancinelli
Treasurer Baby Stroobant
Aiko Wan
Welcome Committee Maria Lucia Mancinelli
Communications Marta Mirecki
Christmas Bazaar Food Katy Peurton
Thrift Linnae Pienaar
Games Manisha Desai
Misc. Renata, Jeannie, Malu
Coffee Morning Chikako Shimeall
Sports Miho Tojo
Adult Enrichment Stephanie Hellec
Used Uniforms & Cougar Pride Karol Zablan
Fine Arts MS/HS Carol Chen
Toshiko Yamashita
Fine Arts Mont/ES Nathalie Gomes Vieira
Manisha Desai
Irish Dance Caroline Piggott
Esther Martínez Angulo
Bingo Night Bingo queen:
Marta Mirecki
Daddy Daughter Dance Colleen Flint
First Aid Connie Baker
Kristi Hay
Graphic Design Yukari Homma
French Liaison Manisha Desai
Korean Liaison For the Food Fair: Ryah Yoo
Toddlers’ Group Emi Mochizuki
Anne Defrene-Marchand


Grade and Class Parents

School Gr. Name
Montessori MS Sophie Remichius
Montessori MC Kay Phattarapattamawong (until March)
Naomi Reid (until April)
Mika Kugawa (from March)
Montessori MM Anne Defrene-Marchand
Elementary 1P Risa Nakao
Elementary IG Emi Mochizuki
Mika Kugawa
Elementary 2N Karol Zablan
Elementary 2H Yasuyo Mugita
Marii Curtis
Elementary 3B Nathalie Gomes-Vieira
Elementary 3F Kay Wells
Elementary 4T Kayo Watanabe
Elementary 4C Colleen Flint
Elementary 5W Chikako Shimeall
Elementary 5H Redonna (Red) Garcia
French Section 1-2 Manisha Desai
French Section 3-5 Aurelie Caplette
Secondary Middle School 6C Mani Boutard
Secondary Middle School 6B Katy Peurton
Secondary Middle School 7F Liz Tran
Secondary Middle School 7L Marii Curtis
Secondary Middle School 8A Sivapriya Amaravel
Secondary Middle School 8G Vacant
Secondary High School 9 Aya Shizuno
Mari Carmen Noriega
Secondary High School 10 Severine Leclercq
Irene Freire
Secondary High School 11 Megumi Tsuruhigashi
Mami Maeda
Secondary High School 12 Connie Baker
Hiromi Sunagawa