About St Maur ES Physical Education

Dear Saint Maur Parents and Students,

Stacey Griffiths

Stacey Griffiths

In Elementary School, each Grade Level attends 4 PE lessons a cycle. All students are required to have a PE uniform, which can be purchased at the school store. This includes, the Saint Maur shorts and the Saint Maur red T-Shirt. In the winter, the students can wear a grey or red Saint Maur sweatshirt over the top of the uniform, similar to the uniform regulations with the formal uniform. No hooded sweatshirts are to be worn. Students are encouraged to have a small PE kit bag, to carry all their necessary belongings for PE.

If students forget their uniform the PE teachers will monitor the number of times the student does not have PE clothes. If the student does not have their uniform 3 times in a row, the PE teacher will contact the parents.


Yuta Yoshii

Students need to wear PE appropriate shoes, enclosing the whole foot, laces or velcro is a must as this offers support to the students whilst doing PE. Shoes that are slip on or look like sandals are not acceptable. If the student wears wet weather shoes or different dress shoes with their formal uniform to school, then they need to bring a change of shoes for PE classes.

If you would like to contact any of the PE teachers our contact email addresses are as follows:

Grade 1 and Grade 3 Physical Education –

Evan Hitchman

Evan Hitchman

Stacey Griffiths,  sgriffiths@stmaur.ac.jp and Evan Hitchman, ehitchman@stmaur.ac.jp

Grade 2 & 4 Physical Education –

Stacey Griffiths, sgriffiths@stmaur.ac.jp

Grade 5 Physical Education-

Stacey Griffiths, sgriffiths@stmaur.ac.jp and Yuta Yoshii, yyoshii@stmaur.ac.jp

At times the students will receive emails with attached google documents that relate to PE. These are to be completed in class and are never meant for homework in Elementary School. At some stages throughout the year, the students will integrate their PE learning with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Unit that is been completed with their homeroom teachers. This will be done using iPads to record, reflect, receive feedback and many other activities that work towards improving their physical performance.  

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