SMEO Values

Saint Maur Essential  Values

We have classroom goals. We don’t always succeed but everyday we learn how we can shape our attitudes, behaviours and minds to make a positive impact in our classroom, school community and the world.

  • Unique Individuals: I have an opinion and I can express my ideas with confidence. I know that I am unique for a reason and I can express my own personal creativity.
  • Moral Citizens: I take responsibility for my actions. I recognise that the world is not always fair so I do my best to make a positive difference.
  • Global Citizens: My learning and my actions impact the class, community and world. I show respect to things and people that are different and I look for ways such as language to connect with people around the world.
  • Balanced Learners: I do a variety of activities, both ones that I am good at and others that I still need to work on. I enjoy academics, sports, music, arts and family life, and try not to do too much or too little of one thing.
  • Life-long learners
    • Resilient: I know that some things need more work than others. I keep trying different strategies until I reach my goals. I receive challenges with excitement because I know I can learn something new. I celebrate with my peers and they celebrate with me when we achieve success.
    • Open-Minded: I am willing to try new roles, strategies and ideas. I listen to the ideas of my peers and my teacher.
    • Inquiring: I a curious about the world. I know that asking questions is important to learning. I know how to find answers and I enjoy the process of finding out.
    • Reflective: I think about my life and about my learning. I apply this knowledge to new situations. I know that my thinking can change about something.
    • Collaborative: I can work with others and I can try new roles depending on what the group needs.
    • Communicative: I can read, write, speak and present for different audiences and can make choices about the most appropriate method in each situation.