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Sea Paradise Trip and Goodbye Gihoon!

Last week we went on our final field trip as Grade 4 to Sea Paradise!

It was so much fun!

Everyone had a great time, but maybe not Mr. H.

He was sooooo scared on the Pirate Ship!

We said goodbye to our friend Gihoon who is going back to Korea. We will miss you Gihoon!

By 4H ūüôā

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Japanese Culture Day

We had such a special day! ¬†Starting with an Elementary parade, students walked around the school showing their creativity and uniqueness in Japanese themed costumes. We learned how to make¬†rakugan¬†with Aron‚Äôs mother, followed by partaking in a Japanese Tea Ceremony with a real Master of Tea Ceremony Artist, Uma‚Äôs grandmother. This was followed by a special Koto performance by Kokoro and Haruka‚Äôs mothers. There was even a smaller sized Koto that the children could try. They learned how to play the piece, ‚ÄúSakura.‚ÄĚ We ate¬†a very filling and delicious Japanese potluck lunch made by parents in the class with sushi, karaage, yakisoba, and more. After that we combined classes with the Grade 7s. We had several game stations, teaching each other different kinds of traditional and non-traditional Japanese games such as waribashideppo„ÄĀtarumasanngakoronda, and fukuwarai.¬†Finally we ended the day with assembly gathering of the whole school singing famous Japanese songs. What an absolutely exciting day.

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Rakugo – Japanese Storytelling

4T and 4H are¬†exploring how stories are communicated in many different ways¬†and are¬†a universal human experience. We watched a really funny “Rakugo”¬†story from Japan that¬†had us rolling with around the floor with¬†laughter. (We watched the story from 5 minutes 30 seconds)


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Myth and Legends


This week we have started our new IPC unit – “Myths and Legends”. Today we enjoyed reading some Myths and Legends from different countries. We will be using these stories to make a 5 word poster, using drawings to help us retell the story. Look out for our awesome posters on display in Grade 4 soon! Feel free to ask any Grade 4’s about what Myths they have learned about so far.

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All about Arrays

4H have been working on their multiplication skills using arrays, finding rows and columns and using skip counting to help them remember their multiplication facts. Can you work out which multiplication facts these pictures are showing us?




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Welcome to 4H in 2016-17! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to have a fantastic year! Stay tuned to our Class Blog for all the latest news and photos about the exciting events we will be doing in Grade 4. Have a great year everyone! Mr. H

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